For street performance and racing use Hyperformance Tuning offers a wide range of custom engineered braking systems that use CNC manufactured adapters and brackets for a precise fit. We don't believe in gimmicks, and insist on selling only solidly engineered systems that are proven to significantly improve braking performance, not just fill up the wheel. Our kits are often imitated, but never equalled.

All of our 2-piece rotors utilize a unique floating design that allows rotor and hat to move independantly of one another as they are subjected to different rates of heat expansion.

Why Is This Important?

The rotor hat and rotor disc are manufactured from different materials, which have differing properties of heat expansion. In a rigid mount system, as the natural expansion of the disc occurs, it will be limited by the different rate of expansion of the hat. This will cause the disc to distort (or cone) which results in pulsation, warping, and poor pad contact. This will also put stress on the hub, bearing, spindle, etc.

The floating mount system we have engineered for our 2-piece rotors allows the disc and hub to expand at their own rates to ensure there is no distortion. We manufacture our own fasteners, and use a special disc spring to allow for .012" - .015" of axial movement. This ensures perfect rotor to caliper alignment, while at the same time, holds the rotor disc and hat firmly together to help prevent squeal due to vibration. This floating system eliminates the problems found with a rigid mounted rotor, and results in better pedal feel, and most importantly, improved braking performance.

With the exception of our kits for early VW models, we use only monobloc calipers for ultimate performance.

Why Is This Important?

Monobloc calipers are the latest technological advancement in caliper design. They are lighter and stiffer than their antiquated two piece counterparts and provide higher clamping forces and better pedal feel. In a two piece caliper, more of the hydraulic pressure and pedal travel is wasted on caliper flex instead of being utilized as clamping force. A monobloc caliper is made from a solid block of material so there is no joint to flex.

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