Hyperformance Sport Rotors are designed to improve your stopping power by allowing for the expulsion of brake gases and dust and by aiding in brake cooling... This results in reduced brake fade and higher confidence in your ability to stop.

Our signature Sport Rotors are Combination Drilled and Slotted to offer the best of both designs in a rotor that performs as good as it looks. They feature radiused (not straight chamfered) holes which reduce stress risers. This also presents a smoother edge to the brake pad, which, in combination with our offset pattern designs, promotes even pad to rotor wear. The rotors also feature radial terminating slots, rather than slots that run right off the edge, to further reduce stress risers and maintain edge integrity. Our wide slot design presents less of a verticle edge than a narrow slot design, resulting in improved pad wear. (Cross Drilled Only and Gas Slotted Only are also available.)

Choose your vehicle from the list on the left to find sport rotors for your application... Please note, Hyperformance Sport Rotors are available for virtually any vehicle, and this guide is my no means complete - we have listed only our most popular items... please contact us if your vehicle is not shown here.